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Fresh Fishing Return of the Carp

Fresh Fishing Return of the Carp

Fresh Fishing Return of the Carp

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Note : "Fresh Fishing – The Return of the Carp"
130 minutes

This time Dave Lane and Bryan Jarrett are joined by fisheries scientist Simon Scott, who explains how carp taste their food and what flavours they might like.
And we went underwater with a hydrophone and recorded the sounds that anglers make and that carp hear. We find out what footsteps, bait alarms and mobile phones sound like underwater ... and we also recorded the sounds that the carp make themselves!
Dave Lane can't resist a challenge and faced with a lake full of lilies and fallen branches he shows us how to find and avoid the snags and catch your fish. Dave goes float fishing and shares what is going on in his mind. It's a bit of a revelation.
Champion angler, Bryan Jarrett, keeps trying to tell us his latest bait recipe but he can't stop catching fish! Luckily we managed to pin him down and extract the recipe that was so irresistible.




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